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Stella Foods

Addictive Heat

Addictive Heat

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Introducing Addictive Heat - This captivating blend of aleppo, cayenne and red pepper chilis meld well with spices that ignite a fiery kick in meats and beyond. It effortlessly elevates any dish, infusing it with a fitting amount of heat from the chilis. It goes beyond being a simple chili blend, offering a symphony of well-rounded flavors and remarkable depth.

Try Addictive Heat on meats, poultry, potatoes, and vegetables, dips, and as marinade/rub for a deep rich flavor. Think outside the box by adding a pinch or two to popcorn and french fries for a truly elevated experience!

All this amazing flavor without any garlic or onions. Enjoy a healthy belly and clean breath with all our Stella Foods herb and spice blends.

Our Addictive Heat is available in shaker bottles, 2-3 portion sized Mini's and also as a set with one bottle and one Mini, which you can refill and reseal to take with you. 

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Stella Ingredients

We look beyond the usual ingredients to curate our blends. We avoid garlic, onions and common allergens so you get great flavor and feel good afterwards.

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