About us

At Stella Foods, our goal is for you to enjoy great flavors without the worries associated with IBS, mild allergies and food intolerances. Our herb and spice blends bring you curated flavors that are specifically packaged for use at home or in refillable, resealable packets to take on the road. Because we avoid the use of garlic, onion and other alliums like chives, leeks, and shallots, you can happily avoid bloating and bad breath. Eat well and carry on with confidence, the Stella way!

Meet the creators

Candace Cheng

Candace manages her own food intolerances and is the original driving force behind our healthy spice blends. Native to Los Angeles, CA, Candace is now based largely in Zurich, Switzerland. She brings over 20 years of international marketing experience in consumer goods, technology, and financial services. She is a mother of two who enjoys spending time with her family, boating and European travel.

Candace’s number one blend is The Unexpected.


Anthony Pellus

Based in Chicago, IL, Anthony is an inventive home cook and baker with an extensive collection of kitchen and entertainment accessories. It’s his favorite creative outlet. Professionally, Anthony has over 20+ years of Operational and Executive Leadership in medical events, corporate operations, and technology. Anthony’s extensive global travels help fuel his culinary drive in the kitchen.

Anthony’s number one blend is Honey’d Heat.