Calling All Dieticians: Your clients will love this!

Calling All Dieticians: Your clients will love this!

As a dietitian, I’m sure you’re asked what people with food intolerances or IBS can eat that still packs flavor. Stella Foods has curated spice blends that are low FODMAP, healthy for the belly, and keep bad breath at bay. Stella can be a valuable addition to your toolkit for clients managing digestive health. Candace Cheng, our founder, lives a life managing her own food intolerances. We are a minority-owned business that proudly produces our blends in the US. High quality is achieved through our small batch process.  

Stella spice blend has been designed with the low FODMAP diet in mind, aiming to provide flavorful options for individuals who may be sensitive to allium and fermentable carbohydrates. We understand the challenges of adhering to a low FODMAP diet while trying to enjoy food at home, restaurants or simply on the go. 

Key features of our low FODMAP spice blend include:

  1. FODMAP-friendly ingredients: We have meticulously selected herbs and spices that are known to be low in FODMAPs, ensuring that our blend aligns with the dietary restrictions of those following the FODMAP protocol.
  2. Balanced flavor profile: Our blends are expertly formulated to deliver a well-rounded and delicious taste, enhancing the overall dining experience without compromising on digestive well-being.  
  3. Versatility: Whether used as rubs, in marinades, or seasoning for various dishes, our spice blends are versatile and can be seamlessly incorporated into a wide range of recipes to suit diverse culinary preferences.
  4. Product packaging:  We have designed traditional spice bottles, typically found in your own kitchen. But are very excited about our Mini’s collection.  Our 2-3 portion Mini’s are perfect for those traveling that still want great flavor without any digestive issues.  Mini’s can be refilled and reused with a zip seal,  so we save on food waste and packaging in landfill.
  5. Label transparency: We prioritize transparency in ingredient sourcing and provide detailed information on the label to empower your clients with the knowledge they need to make informed choices.  The back of bottles and mini’s clearly highlight the flavor profile for each blend. We have also included food icons showing some examples of how to use the blend.  

Stella Foods will have a expo booth at the CANDAC24 conference in San Francisco this April. If you are attending, we welcome you to visit us and see our full line of products. If you are unable to attend the conference, we would be more than happy to send you some samples (Mini’s) of our spice blends.  

Become a Brand Ambassador and help spread the word to your clients. They'll thank you for it. 

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