Become a Stella Brand Ambassador

We are excited that you want to learn more about the Stella Brand Ambassador Program. Here are the main points of the Stella Brand Ambassador program and how it works:

  • Brand Ambassadors promote Stella's products through approved methods (e.g., social media, emails, etc).
  • Brand Ambassadors earn a 15% referral fee on sales generated through the unique affiliate link we provide them.
  • We will pay referral fees quarterly.
  • Brand Ambassadors are not required to meet any minimum requirements regarding the level or frequency of communication about Stella or to reach any revenue targets.
  • Brand Ambassadors provide accurate information about Stella and comply with all laws.
  • Stella provides marketing materials and tracks sales for commission.
  • Confidential information from Stella cannot be disclosed without prior written consent.
  • The agreement is ongoing but can be terminated by either party with written notice.

Steps to getting started

  1. Complete the form below and click 'Submit' at the bottom of the page.
  2. We will send you the Stella Brand Ambassador Agreement for signature through DocuSign.
  3. You sign and return the electronic Stella Brand Ambassador Agreement.
  4. We will send you the affiliate link to add to your website, social media activity and other areas where you promote Stella Foods.
  5. You share with us where you want to receive your referral fees
  6. We can send you our logo files, product photos or any other marketing material you would like from us.
  7. We work together to help grow each other's business!